“Taking part in the InfluenceHers abroad trip was nothing short of life-changing. I was able to put my expertise and skill sets to good use by making A difference in the lives of those who really needed support. The trip for me was the perfect balance of work and play. Getting to bond and build with amazing women was such a powerful experience that I would never forget. I am hooked. Year after year I will continue to take these trips because not only are we leaving lasting impressions with the people we come in contact with, but we are leaving lasting impressions in our hearts and memories. For that, I will always be grateful.”

Danielle, New York


My trip to Kenya was life changing. Having the chance to travel to the Motherland with a group of beautiful successful women of color to revel in the culture and share our knowledge will forever be a highlight in my life. The people were full of love, the Safari was surreal, and Lamu was breath taking. I connected to the African people and animals in ways that only a person who has been can understand.

Shanetta, New York


“As a performance artist, It was a dream come true for me to be able to share my love of performing in a country I've never been to or would have imagined going to. To be able to lead workshops using theatre games and skits in local schools in Kenya was surreal. The young women we met at the schools and the performers we met from the Creative Thespians group left a lasting impression on me - It humbled me. And I realized that our common language of the arts created a connection that remained with me beyond the trip. I was so touched by my experience there that I am now organizing a benefit show for Creative Thespians. Thats the depth of the impact this trip had on me- and none of it would be possible if InfluenceHers hadn't given me the platform or opportunity. For that, I am deeply grateful.”

Sita, New York


“InfluenceHers is a blessing for so many women. This organization provided a platform for more women of color like myself to travel across the world to serve the local community and learn from the locals as well. I was able to experience breath taking adventures in Africa that we can only dream of. My favorite part was serving at the schools and experiencing the inspiration and joy the young girls felt from seeing someone that looks like them serve them. My best moments were shared with the group of ladies who joined the trip. We laughed, danced, made up songs, stayed up late at night, and were even scared at certain moments together. It was an adventure I will never forget and will cherish.”

Alexia, Memphis